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Organised Chaos


Kick boxing as a martial art can be an effective self defence system.


It also builds character in students both young and old.

As a fitness program it can aid in weight control due to the aerobic nature of many of the activities, helping to build muscle, reduce fat and tone your body, it can also increase strength, stamina and flexibility.


Most importantly Kickboxing on a regular basis plays a big part in living a healthy life both physically and mentally.


The challenges you face will keep you on your toes.

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Organised Chaos teaches kickboxing to all ages and has classes for peewee's, juniors and seniors.


Peewees and juniors work from a trimmed down version of our senior syllabus which has been specially designed to cater for the abilities of the younger students.

Our senior syllabus is covers beginner to advanced so each student can progress at their own pace.

Working from our own studio in Darwen we have a whole host of equipment and training aids to assist in all aspects of fitness, agility and conditioning.

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