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Organised Chaos



Sokudo is a multi style martial art which means
it has been developed using elements of a variety of different traditional systems such as Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo & Chinese systems like Kung fu.
The beauty of this idea is that you can utilize the best of each style and use only that which works, this is not a new idea or unique to Sokudo  but the blend used in Sokudo make it a system which can be used as a fast free moving and effective system of self defence.

In Sokudo we have a full senior syllabus and also a diluted junior syllabus which has been developed with younger children in mind, it comprises of several sections within each belt which once complete entitles the student to gain a badge for that section.

The benefit of our junior system is that they earn rewards more often and the learning process is broken into bite size chunks.

For classes and times 

White belt is received once a uniform is purchased.  Each belt is gained by performing small tasks to earn one of seven badges per belt. Once earned you will then receive the next belt automatically.

Junior Blackbelt
First Belt with badges
Junior Belt System

Provisional Black belts are achieved by refreshing all previous belts & showing your ability to use your skills within your system.


After the Provisional Black is earned, then Senior Black is gained by earning a single badge for each senior belt, showing full knowledge of the senior syllabus.


Organised Chaos Mobile Martial Arts Junior Syllabus

Both the junior system and the senior are complimented with a comprehensive training manual which also becomes a record of achievement.


Each item in the syllabus is achieved with a Gold/Silver/Bronze stamp which can be used to track progress and each item can then be revisited later on and improved upon.

Organied Chaos Mobile Martial Arts Senior Syllabus
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